Is our universe so immersed in its own creation that our eyes cannot see the unseen, but Melisa Teo reveals through the magic of her photography?

Here, in this void that separates nature from us, is where Teo captures the spirit of things. Arising, no doubt, from invisible cuts in the earth and in the soul of men, her art magically brings together a serene light composed of feelings, thoughts and beliefs that remain invisible to most. It is as if life itself has given permission to her camera to give substance to its essence, because her vision is trusted.

Teo roams the planet with her spirituality and her camera as her only luggage. From France to Vietnam, Israel to Morocco, and everywhere else, the world gives up the beauty of its secrets to her. In infinite sensitivity.

Conceived by a photographer whose alert eye has matured with time and her travels, her transcendent work begs us to abandon ourselves and embrace the grandeur of eternity.

The scent of brilliant colours. The gentle caress of rapture. The pulse of serenity that accompanies the moment she merges with her subjects. Teo’s photographs grip us with their intensity and emotion, plunging us into the depths of spirituality. Is it possible that residing within this luminosity is the very essence of existence?

As much as this mystery escapes the naked eye, so too are words insufficient to truly give it meaning. Like magic, it is a benevolent union between the moment, the photographer and the photograph.

Enabling us to feel. To see. And, finally, to understand.


– Parisa Reza, Author, ‘The Gardens of Consolation’

The Fourth Day